Pennsylvania politicals

                                              Preserving Pennsylvania's Political Past and Present

Since 1787, 45 men led the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through hardships and triumphs. The variety of men who have held the title of "Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania" is as varied as her citizens.

Since the creation of the modern political button, Pennsylvania has led the way in producing one of the largest varieties of state-wide level political memorabilia. The graphic variety and quality can hardly be matched in any other state. We hope this website will showcase these items.

WELCOME to premier website dedicated to Pennsylvania memorabilia!


To document the artifacts, books, buttons, documents, 

ephemera, license plates, and other related items of the lives, campaigns, and administrations of the Pennsylvania Governors. It is our goal to tell "the story" of those elected to and those who sought the highest office in the Commonwealth. It is our hope to preserve Pennsylvania's political past and present for the next generation.